American Adventure: Week 10

The final week of the internship was an emotional and busy one. I had to frantically work to get some closure on my project so I had enough to talk about when giving my final presentation, the presentation went really well despite being a nervous wreck! Leaving was sad but my supervisors were keen to have me back, so that’s promising!

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American Adventure: Week 9

The penultimate week of research sees me successfully completing my radiative transfer code for pure hydrogen Rayleigh scattering. This allowed me to plot for a basic atmospheric composition of a hot-Jupiter. Hot-Jupiter atmospheres are predominantly made of H2-He. I can finally start to make my model more complicated and see if I can model some hazes and fit to real data to understand what is happening in the atmosphere!

This week was the week of the Perseids! I wrote about these last year, me and my friends decided to take a trip to Death Valley, a national park in America, to view them. We watched the meteors fly across the sky and then we slept under the stars.

I couldn’t get any clips of the meteors but I have clips from going to Death Valley in my latest video.

I also saw a deer on lab, yes there are wild deer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory!




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American Adventure: Week Eight

On my 8th week conducting research I learned a few hard lessons about what it is like to conduct real science, from realising I was going down the wrong path to getting stuck with no one who could help resolve the scenario.

With only 2 weeks left of being in the States we realised that what we had done previously wasn’t working and I am now coding up my own radiative transfer code which will model the Rayleigh properties of a specific exoplanet. I got my official badge this week (how did it take 2 months?!) and so more time spent at JPL would see me completing the task at a faster pace.


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American Adventure: Week Seven

This week sees me make more progress in the project, I managed to make a great connection between my python code and the fortran model. I should be able to start performing some analysis soon when I get the connection between HITRAN (a database which has information about the molecules in the atmosphere) and the fortran code.

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